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As a child I adored bourbon biscuits, I remember being very embarrassed as a teenager hearing my mother telling someone “Oh she’s anyone’s for a bourbon”.

As a thirty-something adult, wife and mother of two I still love bourbon biscuits so they were my obvious first-pimp choice. Being a relatively accomplished baker of biscuits already I didn’t have to do too much research into the best dough for the biscuit part – it’s Saint Delia’s gingerbread man recipe only without the ginger and with the addition of plenty of cocoa powder. It won’t be man shaped either but I guess it’ll be man-sized ;)

I have no idea of the cost of this pimp as I had all the ingredients at home anyway.

First step was to gather together the ingredients – I have these all at home anyway so I didn’t even need to leave the house :D (except for an emergency trip to a neighbour as I didn’t think I could pimp a bourbon without any cocoa!!!)

I set about making the dough: measure, stir, melt, add butter, stir, melt,

add flour, sneeze, stir,

kneed etc

The dough ended up looking scarily like something we’d seen this morning as we walked across a field of horses while geocaching ( )

In the interests of accuracy I decided to take measurements of a bourbon so the end result would be as authentic as possible

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