Beeotch Egg
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Learning from experience we boiled this sucka for a full hour. However this also wasn't long enough so we had to microwave it's ass too.

Half a loaf of bread was cheesegratered and blendered into crumb form while we waited for the egg to cool to a state where it could be handled. We wanted a proper orange tint but had to settle for natural golden colour.

The final phase was to encase the giant egg in sausage. The skins were removed from the sausages and the meat formed into a large gooey heap.

Realising that we weren't going to be able to engineer a classic ball shape, given the sheer size of the egg, we laid a layer of crumbs, covered in a layer of meat, on the bottom of a roasting tin, having first greased that sucka out good.

Then we built meat up over the egg.

Lastly, it was off to the oven with the bad boy for an hour and a half. We left the egg to cool overnight, then brought it to the office the following morning to show it off. It stank like a dead bear, but it had good flava.

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