Absolutely Massive Alphabetti Spaghetti
by for £5.00

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Now that our pasta was safely cooking away we could concentrate on the tomato sauce - this bit was easy; a shedload of tomatoes, pureé, and passata. The sauce was fairly unimaginative, and was lacking in the "cheese powder" that the ingredients list on the tin brags. Our sauce was also not quite as luminious orange as the original stuff. Never mind!

So we have sauce and pasta letters. Houston, we are good to go! In light of the legal kefuffle currently taking place, we decided to play it safe ;)

Here is an indication of scale, a plate of original Heinz letters and our platter of gigantuan characters. We rekon about 10:1 scale.

Here is me tucking in to my tea, I must admit it was actually pretty bloody good. The pasta was a touch undercooked due to it being ridiculously thick.

It was so good, we had scavengers turn up to nab our dinner. Dig in! All in we spent about £5 on ingredients, the pasta was standard stuff: flour and eggs and a touch of olive oil. Very simple pimp, yet so effective!

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