3D Gingerbread Church
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Step 10: Meanwhile sort boiled sweets into colours, and smash into tiny tiny pieces. We find wrapping in a teatowel and pounding onto desktop most effective. This does cause permanent and irreparable damage to the teatowel.

Step 11: Remove gingerbread from the oven and fill gaps with boiled sweets to create your desired pattern.

Step 12: Replace into oven at same temperature for a further 5-10mins (or until sweets fully melted)

Step 13: Remove from oven and leave to cool

Step 14: When cool assemble church, we used melted chocolate, however once assembled if left out of fridge for any length of time demolition will occur.

By the way, if there’s any dough left over, use to make priest and choirboy (nudge nudge wink wink) or further stained glass biscuits. Enjoy!

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