Great Gummi Project 2
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I witnessed the Great Gummi Project ( a few years ago, and was inspired. It was a grandiose project, don't get me wrong, but I figured I could do better. Here is my attempt.

Start out with a bag of the very best gummis, Black Forest, of course. I've tried this before (on a much smaller scale) with knock-off gummis, and it just wasn't the same.

You'll also need honey bear containers. A Google search for "honey bear containers" will get you hooked up with a honey supply supplier. You'll probably have to buy more bears than you need, but that just means more huge gummis!

Here I've taken them out of the bag and put the lids on. There they stand, like Terra Cotta Soldiers awaiting their grisly loads.

The whole process is pretty simple, if a bit time consuming. Here's the entire contents of a 5 pound bag of Gummi Bears. Kind of mesmerizing, isn't it?

The next step is to start sorting. Once again, not too high on the difficulty scale, but it's a time-waster.

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