Giant Bagel, Bacon, and Egg
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Obviously, this is an amazingly pimped bacon, egg, and cheese. I am an obsessive maker of bagels, so this seemed like the next logical step.

Step 1: The bagel creation begins. Added bonus of huge bagel is that the hole in the middle creates a little baby bagel.

Step 2: Bacon weave - it's very popular right now, but I assure you I was looking into this MONTHS ago.

Step 3: The huge bagel fits perfectly in my big pot. Very auspicious beginning (also, I planned it that way).

Step 4: The finished product after boiling and baking. It's a sesonoppy bagel. You've never heard of that? Oh. It's sesame, onion flakes, and poppy. Some breakfast eaters were "disappointed" there was no salt included.

Step 5: The bagel is cut in half. Look at the precious baby bagel in the background.

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