Ferocious Flake
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Well I am very pleased with myself, my first two pimps get onto the leaderboard. (Please vote generously on Billionaire's Shortbread & Colossal Cookie) Inspiration for my third attempt had to come from the ice cream man, ice cream, no too runny and sticky, waffle cone, no point without the ice cream, chocolate flake. Bullseye.

All that is needed for this one is ten 250g bars of chocolate and a custom made mould.

First step. Line the mould with cling film, I took the ends off to make access easier.

Next melt some of the chocolate, only about half a bar at a time and pipe it into the mould in rows. Send it to the fridge to set.

The next row should be zig zag to allow air and to support the weight of the following layers of creamy goodness. Again back to the fridge.

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