Almond Joy
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For our pimp project, we decided to pimp up our favorite coconut candy bar:  Almond Joy!  First we have the goods, along with two sample candy bars.  One for us to snack on, the other to compare with at the end.

To make a creamy, coconutty center we melted down three sticks of butter (!), added a can of condensed milk, a tiny bit of vanilla, and finally the coconut. Look how gloppy it is! It looks like oatmeal. It seemed too yellow and too liquidy, but we figured a little refridgeration would help that.

The chocolate portion was pretty much just melted chocolate, but to make it extra bad for you we added a little bit of shortening, for good measure. We poured and spread the melted chocolate into a pan to refridgerate. Initially we thought we would use only about a third of the mixture, but later decided more chocolate was better. We ended up needing to melt down an extra bag of chocolate in order to cover the top of the candy. Both the coconut filling and the spread chocolate went in the fridge to harden.

It's not called almond joy for nothing! Almonds toasted and ready!

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