Want to feature on Pimp That Snack? It's easy!

We're very keen to receive and display new feats of Pimpery. Whether you just decided to melt down your favourite chocolate bar into the shape of a swan, or if you've filled your bath tub with marshmellow, we want to know!

What do you need?

  • Send your pimp by email to pimps@pimpthatsnack.com.
  • Attach a (preferably) zipped file of the full-size (don't resize them down!) images that go along with your pimp.
  • No poor quality mobile-phone snaps please, we're looking for 2.1 mpix or above! And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure the pictures you take are NOT blurry. Some fantastic pimps can be totally ruined by bad photographs!
  • The text to describe the steps you took to create the pimp. Please try to make this as witty as possible and with good grammar! Please do not swear.
  • Don't forget to estimate the cost.
  • Please don't submit your pimps as images embedded as a word file - they take ages to extract properly and pimpdaddy is stretched for time!

If we like it, it will go in the Pimp Projects section, or if its a little less ambitious with just a few pictures, it will feature our Food Blog.

A Legal note

By submitting a pimp or any other content to us, we're taking this as explicit permission from you to re-use any photographs and text in any kind of electronic or printed media for any purpose. We're not quite sure if this will even apply to anything other than using your Pimp on the site, but if we later decide to print a picture or an extract of text elsewhere, we don't want you attacking us with lots of lawyers. It's scary. If you're not happy with this, please let us know when you submit a pimp, and we'll ensure your pimp is only used on the Pimp That Snack website. All materials on the site remain copyrighted to Pedeco Ltd, and breaches will be pursued where permission for reuse has not been obtained.

There's not much else to say except:



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