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We’ve been dying to do our pimping thing, so what better opportunity than a Bank Holiday Sunday! What to make? – easy, we all love Oreos.

Oreos O Oreos, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways.

With milk
With coffee
In milkshake or icecream
On their own
As a mid morning snack
As a midnight snack
Etc etc etc …..

Well since Oreos are already perfect, the only way to improve on perfection is to make them bigger !!

1. Last minute (well, 20 minutes before closing) trolley dash round Somerfields to assemble ingredients …….. we had 2 different recipes, courtesy of www.recipezaar.com (almost Oreos) and www.dvo.com/recipe_archive (oreo cookies) so we thought we’d go with the first one (the easiest) to make the base, and switch tactics if it turned out a bit sloppy to make the top complete with ornamentation. Some of the ingredients might thus be a bit doubled up

2. Into the faithful old Kenwood Chef we go with our first packet of cake mix , 2 eggs, a couple of spoons of vegetable fat (Flora, not Crisco with its unsavoury undertones) and a drop of water. Sloppy consistency, cooled to a nice crispy but cakey texture, so we thought we’d switch to recipe 2 for the top, reserving a bit of the sloppy stuff for icing the aforementioned decorations.

3. And onto recipe 2 for the top. We were a bit skinny with the water so we could get something to roll out, and hey we did! Used a pizza dish as a cutter, and reserved the trimmings for the decorations.

4. Now the fun stuff, we studied the top design really hard, and decided a mix of rolled out cookie dough and piped cookie slop would produce the optimum embellishments, hence the cut out triangles which we arranged over the top in the time honoured design.

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