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The Pimp That Snack website came to the attention of Gordon Ramsay's food programme, The F Word. So we decided to set food critic Giles Coren a challenge to make his own contribution to the growing cult of 'pimping'. But the site's grown so big that there's little left to pimp. Only one thing for it - to take a snack that someone's already had a pop at and get Giles to make it bigger. The full story of what Giles got up to can be seen on Channel 4 on 2nd August 2006.

Stand aside Jaffzilla – it's time for Jaffa Quake…

First stop the local superstore to assemble our mammoth ingredients. Cost: £35.31 most of it spent on Jaffa Cakes for prolonged analysis.

Then for the spongey base. This was critical – if we cracked this, then anything was possible. We opted not to use self-raising flour, concluding that the Jaffa sponge was more rigid than yer standard Victoria or RolyPoly-type affair. The only problem was in the whisking – the quantities involved were so vast that no bowl could contain their gooey overflow.

Finally the whisking was done and it was poured into the largest receptacle we could find – an oversize 55cm paella dish.

Our oven was never going to be big enough for this pimped baby so it was off to our local pizza restaurant for a loan of their industrial baker. 40 minutes at 160c

Back home we got going on the zesty orange centre. Orange jelly, simmering O.J. (without the pith), gelatine leaves and just a dash of cold water to start it setting.

Success! Our sponge came out of the pizza oven all brown and toasty. A few nerves were torn driving it back home but we made it. It's like a big pimp duvet.

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