Jammie Wagon Wheel SXi
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Here are the step-by-step instructions for the Jammie Wagon Wheel SXi

Wagon Wheels may have been the Snack Daddy when we were all nippers, but time moves on, appetites increase and marketing gimmicks are met with a cynical sneer (what once may have seemed ma-hoosive soon pales in the eyes of the Super Size generation). If the king of Wagon Wheels is the Jammie edition, then ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is a royal remix. It's time to give the Jammie Wagon Wheel the Pimp That Snack treatment…


Milk chocolate
Shortbread biscuits

Step one: All good confectionary Pimps begin with the melting of the chocolate. Melting complete, the chocolate is poured into the baking dish and sent to chill in the freezer.

Step two: Show no mercy to the shortbread shorties… pulverise 'em and chuck in a mighty amount of melted butter, which, like the Force, binds the galaxy together.

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