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The fondant fancy is often overlooked as a snack, three colours of cakey goodness, plus a dollop of creamy icing. It is a scientific fact that an average sized fondant fancy increases intellect (based on a sample of one person eating them constantly through the revision period for GCSEs, A levels and university exams. Oh yes, not only am I a snack pimp, I’m an educated snack pimp. Joint honours in snackology and culinary genius).

I realised that in my final year the average fondant fancy may not be enough to pull my sorry ass though my exams (they’re good, but not that good). Thus a new generation of fancy was needed, a giant fancy, one to dominate over the fancy world. A Phondant Phancy.

250g caster sugar
150g margarine
2 eggs
250g flour
250g butter
500g icing sugar
Yellow colouring
Lemon flavouring
Dark chocolate

I decided to pimp the yellow fancy, for two reasons: firstly, yellow is evocative of gold the most pimptastic of all the metals. Two: the yellow one is by far the best fondant fancy. If you disagree, you are wrong and I will pimpslap you into next week, mofo.

I combined the flour, sugar, margarine and eggs into a cake mixture and lovingly baked it for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Being a culinary genius is all about time management so whilst the cake was cooking, I made all the icing.

The cakey base needed to be taller so I used a big knife and a bit of butter icing, voila, a stacked out cakey base. (future pimps note: it might have been a better idea to make two cakes, but I ran out of sugar, and the shops were shut)

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