Double Decker
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Here is my Double Decker Pimping Attempt.

Here is the Original which I shall use as a blueprint for the pimpage.

Internal analysis.

Here are the preliminary ingredients. I thought I would use the syrup in the bottom part but eventually decided against it so it was not used.

Boiling pan of water...CHECK!

Chocolate on top...CHECK.

5mins later...

Initial layer, eventually will be the top of the bar.

After a few mins in the freezer to set.

Layering the nougat bars.

Nougat enclosing choc layer. Ran out of choc at this point so had to buy 2 more bars.

Preparation for the crispy layer.

I think I have a good choc 2 cripsies ratio.

Carefully layered and shaped to ensure a good rectangular block.

Crispy layer been in freezer for few mins.

Crispy layer in place.

Beginning next layer of choc, I ran out of chocolate again and so I added a couple squares of dark choc I found in the cupboard to the mix. That explains the area which had a slightly darker colour. Realising the 2 dark squares weren't gonna stretch far enough, I relented and went out to get more choc.

Finally covered the crispy layer.

Another stay in the freezer.

The bar turned out of the plastic mould with no issues. Hooray!

The smooth top was sculpted with a hot spoon held over the hob.

The likeness is uncanny.


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