Gargantuan Guinness Cake
by Michael Stewart for £20.00

18th May 2011

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This became the head (actually was a head of icing rather than just icing-covered-cake). Whatever icing we had left we mixed with melted chocolate to make a weird, weird substance: this was the outer layer of the cake. Finally we used all the dexterity we could muster to paint that intricate little harp on the beautiful baby.

now we were done, all that was left to do was to get that obligatory comparison.

and let everyone enjoy the spectacle for a while before slicing that bad boy up (we would have done the slice-comparison as is customary but it turns out it is rather difficult to slice a pint of guinness).

There you have it, one successfully pimped guinness. The sliced cake got put on a platter (wherever that came from) and served to everyone at the party - nobody went unfed.

Estimated calories: 1,000, least!

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