Fantastically Fabulous Fondant Fancy
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With fears of recession and the credit crunch on our minds, two intrepid pimpers set out to pimp our very first snack, the fondant fancy. We made a quick trip to the supermarket in order to procure the following ingredients:
Self raising flour
Sugar (Icing and Caster)
Ready to roll icing (2 boxes)
Pink food colouring
Jam (not strictly faithful to a Fondant Fancy but necessary to save having to eat 4 dry sponges)
.... and of course..... a box of fondant fancies to compare (and sample)
Total cost: just under £10

First of all it was necessary, although slightly time consuming and dull, to produce four sponges. We mixed flour, eggs, butter and sugar, mix and bake. Four times over. To break up the boredom of this we tried to mix the cake mix while jumping in the air and getting good photos. We got one good one.

The neighbours downstairs were no doubt baffled. If only they knew what we were pimping a fondant fancy. When the sponges were cool we stacked them, spreading jam amongst them (for flavour and glue). Getting the consistency of the sponges was slightly tricky- our first sponge didn’t raise fantastically and had a strange, but slightly compelling, chewy texture.

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