The Monster Mac
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7. Cool on a wire rack and when cool enough, slice in half. One bun makes up the top and bottom of the Mac and half of the other makes the middle bun as every Monster Mac should contain three layers of bread.

Monster Mac patties

7 packets of cheap mince £1.24 x 7
Worcester sauce £1.10
Chilli (in any form powder/sauce/chopped fresh) £0.80
Garlic £0.30
Oil (of some description) £1.00

Total cost: £11.88

1. Combine the mince together and per packet of mince we added 2 splashes of Worcester, tsp chilli, tsp garlic (we cheated with easy stuff but same measures for fresh), pinch of salt and a couple of pinches of pepper.

2. If, like we were, you are promised snow by the BBC but instead get a vicious hail storm release your snowman building with an inappropriate meat-man

After childish, yet extremely fulfilling play, make into eight balls of equal size

and then get squashing. It works well to squash them out on foil

you will appreciate this when you come to put the meat in the pan!

3. Try to make the patties slightly bigger than the buns to allow for shrinking and try to keep them compact to stop them breaking apart.

4. In a very hot frying pan add a little bit of oil, you don’t need much as the fat will ooze in a few minutes. Add the patties and stand as far back as possible because you have to slap them in and burning oil hurts just a bit! Also be prepared to have a major clean up after cooking and consumption.

5. Once the bottom side is browned and it fells safe to flip them over…flip them over and finish cooking.

Monster Mac assembly

Finely diced large onion £0.15

Shredded large iceberg lettuce £0.45

Crinkle cut gherkins £0.79

10 cheese slices £0.49 x 2

Total cost: £2.39

There is a specific assembly method to make the perfect Monster Mac:

Bottom bun
Middle bun
Top bun

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