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Step one – After finding a simple recipe for sugar mice (that didn’t involve boiling anything as I am prone to burning myself when cooking) we set about gathering the ingredients. Total cost £3.82

Original Recipe - 1 Egg White, 450g (1lb) Icing Sugar, Food Colouring - This makes 14-16 mice so we doubled it for our sugar daddy.

Step two – After a slightly failed attempt to separate the yolk from the egg white we beat the whites until frothy.

Step three – we added the icing sugar a bit at a time, getting it over the kitchen, the floor and my trainers in the process. The aim was to get a stiff mixture.

Step four – my helper decided that instead of adding the recommended few drops of colouring/flavouring, as suggested by the instructions, he would splash in an unmeasured amount “that looked about right”. We continued to add more icing sugar, in between times opening and eating the sweets as we hadn’t had any lunch.

Step five – after about a box and a half of an icing sugar the mixture began to put up a fight. It now required two of us to stir it. One to move the spoon and the other to stop the bowl from skidding across the work surface and onto the floor.

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