Giant Chocolate Crispie Cake
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6 large boxes of rice crispies
14 Bars of cooking chocolate?
Large bowl - bucket!
small bowls to mix and spoons
Greaseproof paper - to stop it sticking!
Roll of paper to make outside case
Boxes from rice crispies to make bottom of case
Scissors and tape

Team of 10 girls (including emma who can help because she's a girl)?

Estimated cost: £15.75

What to do??? ....what to do???? we don't want to do the normal crafts or be healthy...So why not pimp that snack...

Firstly we need to get a team'll be such a large cake that we will need lots of hands and plenty of our ranger group meets to make the largest crispy cake we've ever seen....(Well actually we all wanted to eat copious amounts of chocolate crispies without seeming greedy....So its a good alibi for our parents!)

One cold monday night, we work away, as fast as we can to build the mighty crispy cake!?

Several bowls are needed - and a team with many hands - to break and melt the chocolate....but remember if you decide to melt it over a bowl of water - do not let the?water get into the chocolate - cos as Emma and Jess turns into a strange tasting paste.....

With the chocolate melted -simply - shovel and stir in the rice crispies with whatever size spoon you can find! Pour into a large bucket and stir and stir and stir with all your might - And most members of your team!?(Use a clean bucket of course...this is a plastering bucket...but it is new and clean and has no germs!) was supposed to be smaller but there was a mix up with how large we exactly wanted the bucket- and it ended up huge instead...

Keep stirring whilst others of you make the case....this is the boring bit...

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