Crunch Cream Cubed
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6 packets of Ginger biscuits
4 x 250g of Butter
2 eggs
A alot of icing sugar
Vanilla essence.

Estimated Cost - £8.00

Step 1.

Empty 3 packets of the Ginger Nuts into a bowl and somehow break up into fine crumbs. We used the bottom of a glass, but this could easily result in a visit to your local hospital and alot of blood. So I would recommend using a food processor it will save time and personal injury.

Step 2.

Melt about 2/3rds of the butter and mix into the crumbs, then add an egg (We added 1 but 2 to make doubly sure would be ok). Stir until all the crumbs are moist.

Step 3.

Pack the mix into a round container - we didn't have one big enough so had to fashion a rudimentary version out of tin foil. Though not a tin it stood us in good stead and al turned out ok. Put this one into the oven and bake for about 15mins or until it has browned.

Step 4.

While the first biscuit is in the oven, you can make the second following the above. When the 1st is ready take out of the oven and cool for about an hour or so - possibly longer depending on how impatient you are.

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