Party Ring 3
by Andrew Smith for £2.35

6th September 2006

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A friend, who's motto is, 'you can't have a party without party rings',  was having a birthday party at the weekend. so what better than a 'giant party ring'.
I was so excited I nearly took a day off work to make it. In the end I worked late into Thursday night, stopping only for fits of laughter and to marvel at my creation.

As you can see I went for a roll-the-dough-into-a-cumberland sausage-shape-then-squish-it-down technique. Which worked quite well when it came to giving it that rustic look.

Next, I scored in the groves you can find on the base of the biscuit in question.

There was a near miss in the oven when I didn't account for side spread, a Swift tray swap and all was not lost.

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