Hot Pocky
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Butter (300g)
Caster sugar (150g)
Plain flour (450g)
Dark chocolate (400g)

Upon returning from a holiday in Japan I was left with a craving. A craving for a delicious, sugar filled snack that is nigh on impossible to find over here (Li says: which is why we found it in the first Asian supermarket we entered). The snack is Pocky - a wonderful chocolate covered mini-biscuit stick. After we found a packet (Li: in, as I say, the first Asian supermarket we entered not one mile from my own house) half was soon devoured and Li was quickly converted to its delights. There was something missing though, it seemed a little...small. Being avid fans of Pimp That Snack we did the only thing two self respecting students COULD do with a lot of time on our hands - we pimped that mother!

We headed down to our trusty Sainsburys for supplies and were surprised at the low cost of this operation. Ignore the strawberry blancmange, this was a foolish whim caused by the supermarket's damn dirty strategies to sell their products... i.e. having them at eye-height on an aisle we just happened to go down (Oz: Watch this space for a pimped blancmange!). Obviously the first step was to make the biscuit sticks. We did this by melting hte butter in the microwave until it was soft then creaming it with the sugar... or we would have done if Oz had owned an electric whisk. Instead it was down to me to do my best with a knife.

After adding flour and a little more arm work from yours truly, the biscuit was ready. The dough that wasn't eaten by Li was then rolled into long...rolls and finally baked at 165C for about half an hour.

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