Snickers Ice Cream
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This went back in the freezer to set for a while, and then I turned it out onto a cutting board with a tin foil cover. Getting it out of the pan was really easy, thanks to the tin foil we'd lined it with. Getting the tin foil off was much more difficult, and led to some of the earlier-mentioned meltage. Then it went back into the freezer for a while. Again, it should have been longer.

Time for the caramel. The caramel was less obliging about melting than the chocolate. It just sat there in a lump for a long while. Eventually it all melted, and we mixed in the peanuts. I was somewhat lax in taking pictures at this stage, and only got one of the lumpy melting caramel.

Poured the caramel-peanut mixture onto a silicone sheet, which we then rolled and stuck in the freezer. Again, neglected the camera. Took the caramel roll out, cut it to size, and stuck it in the (slightly hollowed-out) top of the loaf.

Melted more chocolate (I will spare you the picture), and smeared it on top of the loaf

Let that set in the freezer for 10 minutes, melted some more chocolate, and put on a final smoothing coat of chocolate over the whole loaf.

Froze the beast, had dinner, removed from freezer. Unsliced comparison with the model.

And sliced

The verdict: $30, six hours. And worth every penny and every second. MMMMMM.

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