Absolutely Massive Alphabetti Spaghetti
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My mate Sam and I have been scheming our pimped snack for quite some time now. We decided on pimping out alphabetti spaghetti simply because it's so damned tastey and because it's not been done yet! So, here is the customary shot of the ingredients:

I do happen to have four chickens in my back garden, sadly they hadnt layed enough on the day for us to use for the pasta so we had to buy extra in :( For those that care, they are "Speckledey" hens, and there are only three now ;)

Since you cant really buy massive chunks of pasta we had to make our own, a messy, mucky and alltogether tiring task. We followed the instructions to the letter, honest guv, and came up with this:

Needless to say we are both pro chefs and this didnt phase us at all. So we pressed on and eventually produced this rather fetching lump of pasta, cut into wee pieces:

At this point, I was willing to spend hours working out which font Heinz use for their letters. Sadly, I was dissuaded quickly and ordered to shaddap and get on with the tomato sauce. Sam, having completed a GCSE in Graphics, was the natural choice for the letter shaping. Here is a work-in-progress:

[rolf]Can you guess what it is yet?[/rolf]

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