Monster Jammie Dodger
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Picture the scene. It's Easter Saturday. It's grey and grim outside, I've just introduced my girlfriend to, and in a moment of inspired lunacy we decide that it looks like fun and we ought to contribute something. It takes about ten seconds for my girlfriend to suggest that the subject of our efforts should be none other than the legendary Jammie Dodger (Preservus Evasivus Maximus).

An hour later; we have supplies; we have ingredients; we have regular and mini Dodgers standing by for reference, inspiration and sustenance, and we have a Jammie Dodger recipe courtesy of Diana's Desserts. It's Pimping Time.

Our ingredients & equipment. Note the fluted pie-dish (for those all-important crinkly biscuit edges!) and heart-shaped cookie-cutter, and our experimental Dodgers, cruelly dissected and analysed in the interests of science....

Our master plan is basically... make two giant shortcake biscuits, following the shape and style of the Jammie Dodger as closely as possible. Then kind of stick them together with jam. Hey - when it's already this good, all we need to do is make it bigger.


So we've creamed the butter, mixed in the sugar and eggs, folded in what seems like waaay too much flour, beaten and blended and folded and kneaded and generally mixed, wrapped the results in cling-film and left them to chill in the fridge for half-an-hour. Finally, we roll out the results into a nice thick slab of shortcake, a good 2 - 2½cm thick. Now comes the fun part.

Your basic Jammie Dodger has two layers of shortcake biscuit. The bottom layer has a shallow recess to hold extra jammy goodness, and a sort of repeating motif around the edge. As far as we can work out, it's hearts alternating with a sort of stylised letter 'M'... on a regular Dodger, it's kinda too small to make out. So we just tried to imitate it as best we could, using some stiff card shapes wrapped in foil to press the patterns into the soft shortcake dough.

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