Fish Finger
by Henry Blanchard, Ben Norton, Hugh Moore and Phil Pickering for £7.00

29th May 2006

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But wait!

What snack is complete with out a side garnish? Can you imagine a world with only Laurel, and no Hardy? Morcambe, and no wise? A teenage chav with no baby? Never! so read on, o faithful followers of snackdom!

Remember those peas? Freshly harvested for your delectation? 1 kilo of thoroughly mashed, blended, tortured and undignified peas, shaped into balls of gargantuan proportions made the perfect accompaniment to our Herculean Marine digit. And yet....and yet...there was still something missing...some zest...some intangible citrus burst...

Yes, yes! With a quick rearrangement of some consonants, MELON becomes LEMON, and that most forgiving of watery treats is at once transformed into a fiery burst of tangy vitamin C!

Thence to the oven with our precious offspring- a low gas mark, and checking in between every single round of Mario kart, and lo and behold, we had given birth to something wonderful, a truly pimped snack.

So there we have it- served straight from King Neptune's chiller, the "The Giant Fish Finger!!"

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