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This pimping seems to have caught on no end. There were only a few projects when I decided a Snickers bar was the way to go. Unfortunately there have since been 2 but I carried on regardless hoping to improve on the already impressive attempts. It really is a favourite bare of mine. Lovely peanutty goodness munged in with caramel on a bed of chewy nougat and wrapped in chocolaty goodness.

This is actually to be one entry in an office snack pimping competition. so I guess I'm down on the originality so let's go for good old size. snack pimping extravagance.

OK, 1st thing, the ingredients:

18 200g bars of Tesco milk chocolate: £8.64
2x Nestle carnation condensed milk: £3.58
4x Nougat bars : £1.58
Some peanuts: I have no idea how many I used but let's say about half a 600g pack would make 75p

Total cost: £14.55. Eek, did it really come to that much.

Right, I know I have nothing of the right size to use as a mould so I would have to custom build one. Great, another reason to use gaffer tape. It's great stuff. I also have a shed load of cardboard boxes kicking about from buying things since I have not long moved in. I decided on a slightly different approach for this. I would make 2 moulds. One for the inner nougat and peanutty caramel section and one for the chocolate. At this point I am confident nothing can go wrong.

OK, After 10 minutes of struggling to get the greased paper in the original box, tearing and trying again I decide that for the larger one I am going to cut and shape the greaseproof paper while the box is flat and fold the paper up with the sides of the box. You would have thought I would have realised this earlier but there you go.

If only I'd though about that with the nougat too. It was a right bugger squeezing that into a box built to hold it snuggly.

I had had no idea caramel was so easy. Submerge 2 tins of condensed milk in boiling water and simmer for an hour 25. I could probably have got away with a bit longer but looking good. Couple of words of advise though.
1. Don't let the water boil dry. I have it on reliable advice that caramel is a bugger to get off ceilings.
2. Unless you enjoy skin grafts be very careful when you open the tin. It is under pressure and will spurt slightly. I only have a becaramelled worktop to testify to this but it could have been worse. I also had the jug ready and waiting in boiling water to keep it warm for mixing.

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