Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake
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In the fifth hour;
One slave was asked to melt the chocolate in the microwave - the said slave was then sacked for managing to set fire to the chocolate (a difficult feat but expertly done!) Slaves were dispatched to the local supermarket to buy more chocolate while mother slave tried to rid kitchen of the smell of burnt chocolate. The second batch of chocolate was successfully melted - this time by mother slave - and spread on the skin of the caterpillar with chocolate fingers added to give more definition.

In the sixth hour;
He was hoisted on to a bed of leaves, just like the original, this time created by an artistic slave that happened to be passing by.

The finishing touches were then created - enlarged smarties made from minstrels covered in icing, enlarged feet from coloured icing, enlarged dolly mixtures from icing, stripes from piped melted white chocolate and the crowning glory, his face complete with enlarged wonky eyes just like the original!

In the seventh hour;
He sat back and admired his work. He wasn't hungry any more (and neither were the slaves after all that bowl licking) and he wasn't little any more. He was a big fat PIMP!

The End

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