Tremendous Toffee Colossal Crisp
by for £20.00

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It all began democratically with a vote amongst the young people for the preferred snack for pimping. The Toffee Crisp came out top, though some of the girls suggested a Galaxy. "But that's just chocolate." The lads pointed out. "Exactly." They replied. So Toffee Crisp it was.

Planning, planning, planning. The analysis had to be meticulous to ensure that the Pimping Saturday would run as smooth as melted chocolate off the back of a spoon, so a pimp dossier was compiled. A Toffee Crisp underwent the most thorough examination and trials, involving much measuring and tasting and a small scale prototype pimp. The descriptions of the existing pimps on Pimpthatsnack were also consulted (thank you everyone for this excellent anthology of snack pimp knowledge). This is a chocolate bar; not sponge, jelly and custard. It's not to be trifled with. Though a pimped trifle is not a bad idea

Saturday morning was spent fashioning a mould (with an authentic grid pattern on the bottom) and getting the last ingredients. All together:

4400g of chocolate,

1500g of Werthers chewy toffees,

a packet of rice crispy cereal,

some cocoa powder

icing sugar

and a couple of packets of butter.

It all came to approximately £20.

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