Toffee Pop Daddy
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For a true Bling Pimp to go with our Krystal no ordinary snack would do. We can’t dine on no common snack, we must have the rare imported Pimp – The Toffee Pop. The call went out to our London Homies and The Pops were picked up by one of their fine biatches.

Phoenix (aka The Notorious P.I.G) and Katy (aka Sugar Cake Mama Mrs Large) went to the local Tesco’s in the Hood and picked up the pimpgrediants.
Sugar Cake Mama Mrs Large crushed the digestives whilst The Notorious P.I.G melted the butter.

These were mixed together and moulded to the shape that would become the legend that is The Toffee Pop Daddy. The Notorious P.I.G then sculpted the petal edges of The Pop Daddy. (In a hard and gangsta manner)

In her Gangsta Ho finest The Notorious P.I.G placed The Toffee Pop Daddy in the Fridge where it became even more cool.

We left The Daddy for an hour then shelled two packets of Toffees and blasted them with some serious heat. ‘Nuff said.

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