Titanic Twiglet
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You will need:

½ pint warm water
1tsp sugar
12g dry yeast
1lb strong white flour
2tbsp oil (olive is best but I didn’t have any)
1 tsp salt
a dollop of marmite

I decided to have a go at a savoury pimp as they are sadly lacking in numbers on PMS and decided what else to pimp but my all time favourite nibble – the twiglet!

First things first gather together the goodies – horror of horrors I have no twiglets in the house so will need to go shopping before I can take the obligatory comparison picture. A quick search GIMF (google is my friend) and up comes a picture to work from.

I decided to try this as a bread based nibble (will be more like a gnaw but you know what I mean!) I’m not sure the original twiglet is bread based but hey this is my pimp and I can do what I like with it!

For those of you not familiar with yeast cookery the best type of yeast is the stuff that you have to mix with water for a little while before you use it – the dry mix ‘fast action’ stuff is good but not as good. So into half a pint of warm water went a tablespoon of the yeast and a teaspoon of sugar (the sugar was feeling shy so didn’t make the picture)

Once the yeast had a good frothy head on it I weighed out the flour and added a teaspoon of salt (which I forgot to put in the original picture)

I then roughly mixed it together until it was almost dough-like

I then tipped it out on the work top and kneaded it until it felt all springy and elasticky. Now the dough needs to rest for a while. What you do while the dough rests is up to you but I decided to have a sit down with a cuppa and a chunk of Saturday’s pimp – the behemoth bourbon.

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