The Mint Sl(ab)ice
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At about 10 this morning (like your 1am-ish, OK?) finds your's truly, shopping list in hot little hand (well this IS Sydney, we dont do cold, well not by your standards...) Westfield Shopping Town, Burwood... and Coles. For all you guys who havent been initiated into the delights of Aust supermarkets we have 2 biggies... Coles and Woolies but it was to Coles that I was headed... adrenaline coursing thru my veins as I perused the makey-cakey section..... lots of BIG FAT lard'ass type stuff, (could feel myself packing on the kgs just looking). Found what I wanted and moved swiftly onto the choccy aisle jockeying for position with real BFL'asses busy packing their trollies with the 'special offer' - *$3.29 blocks of ....... (see ingredients below, Yep.. we have Cadbury's too!!)

*($3.29 is approx £1.40 quid


That was the easy bit. The next was much more challenging, I .e. cleaning up my worktops enough to be able to make the damn things.... (groan...) did I REALLY want to do this....???

An hour or so later...

Enough butter to give you a heart attack just looking at it.... (which is actually quite ironic as I happen to do research into cardiovascular disease...) Actually, the last time I saw this much butter it was still safely enclosed in a cow's udder (Ireland, 1999...).

This was for the chocolate shortcake-type biccy base.

The recipe... 'beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy..' I really needed a bigger bowl cos what you cant see is the 'light and fluffy' that is splattered all over my jeans and the kitchen floor... but not to worry...

After adding half a kilo of flour and 50gms of cocoa, and squishing it into two tins, that rather gorgeous looking creation (above), SOMEHOW, ended up looking like this (hmmm...)

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