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Flump weight: 5g, 5cm x 1cm (approx)
Super Flump weight: 1.3kg, 46cm x 10cm

Flumps are usually small and generally sold in packs, Kids generally want more than one to take away there sugar craving. That can’t be said for the Super Flump, weighing in at a cool 1.3kg, and just over 46cm in length the super flump is simply Herculean!


3 packets of Gelatine
360 ml Water
1200g Caster Sugar
480 ml Golden Syrup
4.5g Salt
45 ml vanilla extract
Powdered Sugar (Ground Caster Sugar)
Red food colour
Yellow Food colour

Flump Tube
Craft Card
Parcel Tape
Greaseproof paper
Flora Light (for the diet conscious)

Step One

Prepare your flump tubes. For this you’ll need to take the Card, secure it together and cover in greaseproof paper. Butter liberally, I used Flora light as I’m on a diet

Disaster! Turns out that when you roll up the tube the greaseproof paper crinkles, Oh well, rip it off... We don’t need that anyway! Let’s move right onto the base of the tubes. I cut out some of the card and just taped them in place.

Step two

You’ll need to do this step three times, one for each colour of tube. For each mix you need 400g Sugar, 160ml Golden Syrup, 1 packet of Gelatine (12 leaves) and a little salt.

Soak the Gelatine leaves in a pot of cold water while you cook up the Sugar mix. Bring the mix slowly to the boil, stop when it froths up. I got a little keen on the last tube and kicked the heat up high, works a treat, but watch out for those splatters!

Add the Gelatine as soon as you take it off the boil. (Just add the leaves, not the water)

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