Smiley Face Biscuit
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On a cold Sunday afternoon, after reminiscing of our childhood food likes and dislikes, and being students, having plenty of time on our hands, we decided to make a biscuit based on the 'smiley faces' biscuits. However, we could'nt just make normal biscuits, and so decided to make one big one instead!! Here are the pictures we took throughout or project.

Starting point - take a freshly cleaned student kitchen, 2 bored students (not shown in photo!!), and a few simple ingredients.

Start to mix said simple ingredients together, producing a delicious and appetising goo!

After mixing ingredients into something a little more appetising, hunt high and low for a rolling pin!! (we were surprised to find one!!) roll out mixture

Find a clean plate (a luxury in a student house!!) use plate to make circle in the cookie dough.

With an incredibly steady hand, cut a smiley face!!

using a shot glass (we appeared to have plenty of these!!) make eye holes, using the centre of one of the eyes to make the cut little nose (stuck on with some milk)

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