P.P..P...Pimp That Chilli Choc Penguin
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7. Cover the biscuit sandwich with the chocolate, and add in that ‘Penguin’ pattern if you can...then chuck it back into deep freeze to harden off...

8. Remove from the freezer and flip upside down in preparation for the base...

9. Apply more chocolate and smooth off to a plastered wall finish. Then back into the freezer for 20 mins to harden off fully...

10. Then rush over to your computer, and Photoshop up a nice big wrapper to place it into...I used glossy photo paper for the authentic look... then sit back and admire your handy work...

11. Take it along to a Pimp That Snack Party, wow your friends, un- wrap, cut for the obligatory cross section, and walk away with the first prize, and a smug smile...Then munch on it for the rest of the night, along with all the other large snacks, and feel ill in the morning...

12. Daddy!!!

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