Olympic Party Rings
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The Sugary bit

Earlier we mentioned half of the biscuits are pure sugar, this is not a hoax. To decorate the party rings we covered them in glace icing. Using the icing sugar, a teensy bit of warm water and food colouring in the colours of the olympic rings we had created a monster that would kill you if you ate more than twenty grams of it. But for the green icing we added our own special ingredient (only joking)

But it wouldn't be a party ring if it didn't have the stripes. To do this we piped on some white icing and used a skewer to create a feathered effect.

Once the master piece was done we layed them out in the pattern of the olympic rings. To make sure they were safe someone had to try them but unfortunately they are still recovering from sugar rush. Each biscuit weighed in at just over a kilo whereas the original party ring weighs five grams, that's two hundred and eight times bigger. Our party ring's diameter was thirty two centi-metres whereas the original party ring has a diameter of four centi-metres.

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