Munchie (almost)
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4. After awhile, after the biscuit had set, we started to melt down the toffee. We used the pan method again, and melted it not completely, but to the point where it was kneadable.

We rollered it out into a rough disc, put the biscuit ball on top, and moulded it round the sides.

This was then put into the container, and the rest of the chocolate was melted down and added to seal it all off. (Sadly, no pictures were taken of this stage).

Now, unfortunately, we couldn't afford more chocolate than we bought, so we kind of ran a bit low. Realising we now had a Munchie lacking in base, we took the initiative and elected to continue the experiment. It was lacking a top, and the filiing was kind of upside down. Messy, but nearly there.

5. These are the results.

We nearly died for this.

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