Maaars Bar
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A Mars a day may help you work, rest and play, but only a Maaars a day can help you work rest and play for an entire week… and still have time for pimp action!


2 x Mars bars
16 x confectionary silver balls
8 x Cadbury Buttons
2 x white chocolate drops

Step One: The basic principle is to double the length of the Mars chassis. A wedge is skilfully cut from the back end of one bar and a corresponding wedge is cut from the front on another bar. The wedge is all important to ensure that the chassis can be joined with integrity – this ain't no back street cut and shut, this is precision engineering!

Step Two: A highly sophisticated hot water-based welding tool is employed to ensure that all edges are molten before the two bars are put together.

Step Three: The two bars are aligned and pushed together. Instantly the welding tool comes back into play to seal the joins. Whilst still liquified the joints are polished to ensure a smooth transition
from one bar to another.

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