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Jammie Dodger

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Ok, so I was introduced to this mega awesome site (you like the big-ups!) by the guys at the place where I work. Some of the pieces of work on here are totally awesome and it didn’t take long to decide that I wanted to give this a go for myself. We talked about what kinda snack to pimp and came up with quite a few different suggestions. After looking what other people had done I decided to go for the Jammy Dodger!

I found one other person who’d pimped this most quality biscuit, which I remember dissecting the jam and cream innards numerous times in my youth. They had gone for the re-vamped version with the heart shaped jam centre. I wanted to re-create the original classic with the circular centre and the addition of a cream filling.

Enough waffle, let’s crack on with this pimp!

I used the same cookie dough recipe as the other pimped Jammy Dodger, from Diana’s desserts.

Before any baking was done, I needed to take some measurements of the original biscuit and work out how much I could afford to scale it up. Obviously the bigger the better but of course I was limited by the size of our oven.

The original biscuit measured 45mm in diameter with a height of 6mm and a jam circle of 15mm. I came to a scale of 7:1 which fit nicely onto the largest baking tray I had with room for a little expansion.

After following the recipe and having to transfer the cookie dough into a larger bowl half way through mixing, both arms were about to fall off. I thought wow this is much more dough than I had imagined! I cut the mixture in half and wrapped the pieces in cling film and left in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Out of the fridge came the chilled dough and piece number one was rolled out. To get the perfect circle I used the biggest thing I could find which was a 12” pizza tray turned upside down. Then came the tricky task of lifting up this giant circle and placing it on the baking sheet. Now’s the time when I wished I’d rolled it out on the tray in the first place! It got a little out of shape in the process but on the tray it went and I then reshaped it back into something resembling a circle. Whilst on the tray the carvings were embedded into the dough in the same form as the original biscuit (or as close as I could get it).

Not knowing how long to cook this mammoth cookie for, I checked it’s progress regularly. In the end I called it done after 35 minutes. This was the end of day 1.

I was all set to continue on day 2 when I realised I needed a few more ingredients and a large enough cookie cutter to create the hole for the jam, so off to the supermarket I went. The search for a cutter took longer than expected so I decided to continue the following day.

Day 3 and I rolled out the dough for the top biscuit (this time placing it on the tray first). Then I removed the jam cavity with the cutter and engraved the design into the dough. Now I had intended to cook this one with the cutter left in place to maintain the circular hole, but I forgot! Again, 35 minutes later it came out of the oven and I had to re-cut the center hole due to the dough expansion during the baking process.

Day 4 came around and I was hopeful this would be the day when the megalithic creation was complete. I put the raspberry jam (full jar of) into a pan and popped it on the hob over a low heat to transform in raspberry lava. Whilst this was happening it was time to create the all important cream filling. This took a lot more icing sugar than originally anticipated, a full pack and then some!

The cream was arranged in a ring formation on the bottom biscuit and piled up to a reasonable height to give the finished biscuit the appropriate thickness.

By this time the raspberry jam was bubbling away nicely and the heat was turned off and it was allowed to cool a little. The bottom biscuit, complete with cream ring, was put into the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up a little.

Once out of the fridge, the top biscuit was then lowered carefully onto the cream covered bottom biscuit and squished down a bit. The cooled jam was given a quick stir and then poured smoothly into the circular pit. Back into the fridge it went overnight to set.

In the morning, out of the fridge it came in all its glory. One finishing touch was done – a generous sprinkling of sugar on top of the jam, et voila, a ginormous jammy dodger. What a beast it was!

That day it was taken into work to parade around the office. A large crowd soon gathered around the monumental jammy dodger, with people gawping and giggling in wonderment. It wasn’t long before the mobile phones came out to take pictures of this amazing structure of jammy goodness.


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