Jammie Dodger 2
by for £8.30

After looking at Dylan's & Maria's Pimped Jammie Dodger we though we would give it a go too. Using the same recipe, we set out our jammy quest. After spending £8.30 on ingredients we were ready.

First we made the dough and proceeded to beat it up a bit, then we put it in the fridge to chill out.

After about half an hour we got the dough out of the fridge and beat it up a bit more, then we separated it into two equal sized lumps and rolled them out to fit in our pie dishes.

Using the off cuts we rolled out our splatter pattern and the all important 'JD' logo.

After placing the splatter on top, we cut out the heart shape and shoved the layers in the over to bake for approx half an hour. When they had cooked we placed the layers on a cooling tray. Once cooled we added the all important jam (it is a jammy dodger after all!!) going a tad overboard we added an entire jar of raspberry jam!!

And hay presto, a giant jammy dodger! then we scoffed it all!!

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