Hostess Cupcake
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Pimping isn’t easy, but it’s necessary because we are bored graduate students and we need excitement in our lives. Thus the decision to pimp was made. But what to pimp? What American treat could we pimp that would sufficiently impress and awe our neighbors across the pond? Then, it came to us: a Hostess cupcake.

An assemblage of the ingredients used for pimpery. Approximate cost was $15.00.

The first thing to do was to make the cream filling. We got a recipe online and hoped for the best. We mixed milk, cornstarch, sugar, egg yolks, and vanilla and cooked it on the stovetop until it got thick. Then we put it into the fridge to cool. Unfortunately, it came out less like fluffy white filling and more like the Bavarian crème they use to fill doughnuts with. However, we were not deterred! We forged ahead to the making of the cake, in hopes of better pimping success.

With the aid of Betty Crocker (only the best for us pimps), we mixed up two boxes of batter. Then we poured the batter into two layer pans and one angel food cake pan. Mmm….gloppy goodness. Pimpylicious.

Into the oven they go.

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