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Giant Jelly Baby

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2 x Blackcurrant Jelly (40p each)
4 x Large packets Jelly Babies (£1 each – special offer)
1 x Jelly Baby Mould (£4.99 – also special offer, feeling pleased with myself)

Total £4.80 for ingredients (we have the mould to use again!)

Fill mould with water, measuring as you go so you know the quantity needed. Put that quantity of water in a bowl and mark where it ends up – that way you know where you need to end up with your melted jelly and Jelly Baby mixture (we decided to add Jelly as those who have melted Jelly Baby type sweets on their own in the past have said that they set rock hard and are too difficult to chew.

Brush the mould with vegetable oil – those sticky Jelly Babies might stop it from being set free from the mould otherwise

We went for 2 Jellies and 4 packets of Jelly Babies – broke up the Jellies, added the Jelly Babies and then put in boiling water into the bowl up to our mark. We went for blackcurrant jelly so we could just add in all the other colours and it would come out black (saves picking out all babies of one colours and needing a gazillion packets)

Stir until melted – fortunately a lot of children so many helpers with the stirring!!

Put in the fridge to set – orange juice put there to make sure that it just doesn’t tip over (better safe than sorry). Wait patiently (or in our case impatiently) took a couple of hours to set.

Turn out your Jelly Baby – dust with icing sugar to match the little versions of the fellas – put a normal size one on it’s tummy for comparison.
Eat – yummy, not as chewy as the proper versions – think if I was doing it again I’d go for 1 jelly and more of the babies to get a more authentic chew!


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