Giant Creme Egg 2
by for £7.00

First the ingredients ...

1 cup Golden syrup 
6 cups Icing sugar
3 tsp vanilla
Food colouring (green)
800g Milk Chocolate 

Estimated cost £7.00

First we mixed everything expect the chocolate and food colouring in to a bowl and mixed it till it was creamy. Take 1/3 of it out and colour it with the food colouring. Then you leave it in the fridge for 2 hours untill it is firm. You then take you yolk (the food coloured bit) and roll it in to a ball and get the white fondant and wrap it around it to make the the egg. Put these in the fridge for 4 hours untill it is firm again.

You then melt the chocolate and brush it on the fondant to make your giant cream egg.

You can also be keen like me and a cream egg foil to go around it. As we couldnt find a cream egg we have put it next to a cream egg size egg to see the size of our giant one.

And thats my giant cream egg .... PLEASE PIMP THAT SNACK!

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