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Giant Arnotts Tiny Teddy

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We decided to make a giant tiny teddy. tiny teddies are about 2cm tall and are a popular snack. they are really really yummy and come in vanilla, chocolate choc chip, honey or vanilla dipped in chocolate flavours. so, Jim and I (Danica) decided to do something that ALL couples do and make giant snack foods. 😀 because we’re normal like that…)

1) First we bought the cookie mix. we used Betty Crockers choc Chunk. it was around $5.00 Australian for each. Betty Crockers is awesome because they have OVER 200 CHOC CHIPS, so since we used 2 pckts, our tiny teddy has OVER 400 CHOC CHIPS WHICH IS FREAKING AWESOMMMMMEEEE! ><

2) Then we made our cookie mix and sculpted it into a teddy shape. our teddy was happy. but you could make Hungry, Angry, Silly, Cheeky, Sleepy or Happy, whichever you want. 😀

3) unfortunately our tray wasn’t big enough to put on the arms and legs, so we had to make them separately hopefully, your tray will be bigger.

4) Then we put our teddy into the oven and cooked it until it was cooked. about 20 Min, depending on how big/thick your teddy is, so yeah. results may vary.As is what happens with cookies, they tend to expand when being cooked, so unfortunatley, our tiny teddy looks pretty retarded. hopefully yours wont be as bad… we also forgot to actually get some real tiny teddies to go off and take a photo with so that ‘real’ tiny teddy is a google image. but that’s their rough size…

5) We let our teddy cool. we were meant to stick the legs on while it was still mushy, but we got distracted and forgot… D:

6) and so then we cut our teddy in half so we could each take some home. it was yummeh! ><


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