Fruit Pastille Lolly
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But now, I hadn't really thought through how I was gonna get the stick in the middle. I decided to use a drill....

So one sunny afternoon, after driling 5 big holes in 5 big blocks of ice (and having lost the feeling in my fingers) it was all ready to put together).
It had taken 17 days of endless waiting to get to this point, so I was hoping it was going to be worth it...

And here it is...

It is 15cm in diameter, and 85cm long ( 1 metre 15cm with the stick).
The colours aren't perfect, but it got quite a lot of attention and gasps from the neighbours!

After holding up, and wondering how heavy it was, I decided to get the bathroom scales out and weigh it.

In summary....
It took 17 days. It weighs 20kgs (3 stone). Its 1.2 metres tall.
And it tastes good!

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