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Take one bank holiday weekend and one loooooong journey from London to Leeds – plenty of time to daydream about reaching the pinnacle of snack-pimphood and pimping a snack worthy of being featured on this site. A brief visit to M&S later and a pimp was born… I was inspired! We would spend the weekend pimping a fondant fancy, king of the posh snack-cake world.


For the cake(s):
18oz butter
18oz self-raising flour
18oz golden caster sugar
9 eggs
3 teaspoons baking powder

For the filling in the top:
Erm… a load of butter, and a load of sugar (icing sugar and caster sugar), plus a splash of milk.

For the icing:
I believe we used in the region of 1KG icing sugar (that’s right, a kilogram)
Juice of 1 lemon
Hot water
Yellow food colouring

Total calories. Muffin reckons it’s about 8000 (versus about 105 for a normal fancy). And he’s a doctor, so he should know.

Having decided on our pimping project, we sought out a sponge recipe (all hail saint Delia!). As luck would have it, we had a square tin of a suitable size (8 bitchin’ inches, and 1.5 inches deep – according to Delia, size does matter), and decided that by stacking 3 cakes on top of each other, we could make the cube necessary for our fancy. Hence, the ingredients above will make three cakes (according to Delia, each cake serves 8 people, so we’re talking mega-fancy here people).

Off to Sainsbury’s and home with the goods. And set to work!

Phase 1: bake three square cakes

Rather than make one mega-load of cake mix, we decided to make three separate cakes – this is more accurate, and, more importantly, allows you to lick the bowl three times (warning, may cause biliousness). So get baking!

Important things to remember when baking cakes:

- Sift that flour, baby!

NB Do not attempt to sift caster sugar mixed in with flour, as it takes ages and is really stupid (not like in the picture, which shows marvellous sugar-free sifting).

Make sure the butter is really soft, or the beaters will just keep breaking and falling out. We had to nuke ours, but don’t go microwave crazy, or you just get liquid butter and have to wait ages for it to cool down and set again.

Preheat the oven. Otherwise you have to take the (raw) cake out and wait 15 minutes while the damn thing heats up. Set your timer to avoid burning your cakes.

Use oven gloves

We got a bit creative with the second cake, but the writing didn’t come out when it had risen.

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