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An overnight stay at the walk in fridge and stage 2 was started. But disaster had struck in true pimp style...It was stuck to the tray and the bun 'lid' had collapsed under its own mighty weight! It was decided to make the tray a part of the deal and pimped it with foil


the 'lid' was to be carefully reconstructed with the litre of whipped cream slapped inside.

Pimp momma combined melted chocolate plus icing suger and a tasty secret ingredient and slathered it over the beomoth craftliy concealing the cracks that had befallen the beast, and behold the EeeeeEK lair lay before us mmmmmmm.

A comparison shot with a standard eclair was the final shot, before adding party decor. we were unable to do the cross section as the EEK was stuck to the tray and not going anywhere.

Pimp momma had also gone the extra yard with the left over mix she created her very own bun letters that were to accompany the EEk in its reincarnation as a birthday surprise, along with plenty candles and lotsa mighty pimp lovin.

It ended up as 66.2cm and fed an entire party. Pimp momma we love you!!!!!

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