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When I was a kid my favorite sweets were smarties. I used to sort them into colours before eating, and ended up with multi-coloured fingers. One evening I'd eaten too many red ones and I think the E-numbers got to me. Dreams that night were of smartie space ships invading the earth and taking over.

The pimp is a tribute to the Uber-smartie mothership that led the invasion - the DeathSmart


8 Hexagon tubes of Smarties (not enough, I needed two more) (Two 4xMultipacks=£2.40)
2 x 400g bars of milk chocolate (£3.40)
Some butter


The first consideration was how to make the giant sugary coloured shell. With only domestic catering facilities to hand, I quickly gave up and decided to use a mosaic of smaller Smartie shells. This has the added benefit of being easy to repair in the event of any battle damage using off-the-shelf parts.

I decided a two piece mold would be the best approach. I was torn between plates that were too shallow, or bowls that were too deep. I went with the bowls, as the mother ship would need to house hangars for smaller smartie 'fighter' ships, command and control, planet destroying laser beam etc.


The bowls were given a a thin smearing of butter to aid removal later. I wasn't sure how necessary this was at the time, as if the plan worked, there shouldn't be too much chocolate in contact with the bowl.

Next, twenty or so smarties were lay in the bottom of the bowl, and then a thin layer of melted chocolate dribbled over them. When the chocolate had gone reasonably firm, another ring of smarties was added to the outside, and the same chocolate applied. This is built up tier by tier, until the smarties cover the whole inside of the bowl, all the way to the rim. This process gets progressively more difficult due to the steepness of the bowl increasing, and the side profile of the smarties giving them a tendency to 'slip' past each other. Some of these landslide moments can be seen in the final product.

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