Curly Wurly
by for £4.50

Calories: 5,200

Length: 62cm

Ingredients: 2 Bars of Tesco Chocolate, 3 bags of dairy toffees and make sure you have greaseproof paper!

Cost: £4.50


Stage 1: We drew a rough outline of the curly wurly and by rough, we mean rough!

Stage 2: We spent ages trying to melt the toffee in a bowl over boiling water and eventually managed to pile lumps onto the template and add an extension to the curly wurly!

Stage 3: We put the hot toffee into the garage to cool, as it was too big for the fridge! But only took about an hour.

Stage 4: We melted down the chocolate and spooned on top of the toffee, which went....well?! Then let it cool and set for about two hours in the garage again.

Stage 5: We then scraped chocolate onto the back and with a fork, scoured in the criss cross pattern. Let it set in the garage...again!

Stage 6: Served up to 8 people with a bread knife, and consequently, no teeth :)

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