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Crunchie 3

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Ok so what do very bored students (who have very important exams to study for) do instead of work during ICT lessons..? Look at PIMPTHATSNACK! Kari, Ellie and Harriet fantasised about their own giant snacks while their small, yappy, welsh ICT teacher had his back turned for at least 2 hours a week, so when the time came to create their own giant sugar-coated calorie mountain for their friend’s birthday, they got excited. VERY excited.

We wanted to go crunchie-side of the street. It got us most hungry and looked yummiest. We also didn’t appreciate how hard it’d be to make….we seriously thought we could do better…

The ingredients:

A quick trip to the supermarket on the way home gave us:

1KG Caster Sugar
14 Bars (1.4Kg) of cheap cheap chocolate J
500ml Golden Syrup
Bicarbonate of Soda
Alluminium Foil. Lots.

First we made a mould. In a big cardboard box which we the covered with foil. We probably should have buttered it too, but forgot.

Then we mixed up all the sugar and golden syrup in a great big saucepan, we did it in three batches, just to make it harder for ourselves. Once it was all a big sugary mess we put it on the heat until it bubbled and went all brownish.

Once it did that we whisked it all up with bicarbonate of soda until it looked like a giant expanding gloop. We had to pour it into the mould really quick, ended up in very burnt fingers and a weird burnt smell in the kitchen.

In the mould it expanded and our creation was born. Inexplicably it was called Gerard, the crunchie. Once set we peeled it out and spent too much of our time making sure nobody got metal poisoning from the foil that got left behind in gerard’s wrath.

A few more faces had turned up at the window at this point and we set about melting 14 bars of chocolate and pouring it over Gerard, our chocolate baby.

We finished, proud of our creation and on a bit of a sugar high from the leftovers.

Couldn’t be bothered with the wrapper (we are lazy teenagers). But it most definitely served its purpose soaking up the copious amounts of alcohol at the party. Unfortunately the munchies caused us to eat it without the obligatory cross-section photo being taken- you’ll just have to believe its massive yumminess. WE PIMPED THAT SNACK!!


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